Why We Are A Better Booth...


Jensen Photobooth!

Typical Photo Booth


Canon DSLR

  • Professional camera
  • High quality photographs
  • Client receives copies of the photobooth strips PLUS the original hi-res images
  • Maximum enlargement size: 8x10

Webcam or Point-and-Shoot

  • Lower quality photographs
  • Client receives ONLY images of photobooth strips
  • Maximum enlargement size: 4x6

Booth Lighting

Soft, Continuous Lighting

  • Warm, even light with no harsh shadows
  • Professional, flattering look for you and your guests
  • Even Aunt Gertrude will look great

 Flash-Based Lighting

  • Harsh glares and shadows
  • 3 or 4 flash sequence blinds your guests



Photo Capture

Audio + Visual Prompt

  • Booth speakers announce when each photo will be taken
  • Countdown is displayed on monitor

Visual Prompt ONLY 

  • Your guests must look at monitor to know when each photo bill be taken


 Up to 10 Guests

  • Our Vintage booth is 30% larger than typical photo booth
  • Expandable to accomodate more guests
  • Record is 32 guests in booth once

Up to 3 Guests

  • Larger groups must crowd together, hoping to fit in camera view

Photo Framing

Adjustable Frame

  • Attendant adjusts camera for each shot
  • Perfect composition whether single-person photos and large group shots


Fixed Frame

  • Fixed framing limits the # of guests per session
  • Children's shots typically show excessive headroom, tall guest may be forced to slouch to get proper framing.

ADA Accessibility

Wheelchair Accessible

Non-Wheelchair Accessible

Booth Construction

Quality Hand Crafted Construction

  • Solid hard wood and aluminum design
  • Oversized to hold ALL your guests:) 
  • Elegant red velvet curtains
  • Huge Vintage backlit photo booth sign
  • All three of our booths are in excellent condition and are regularly maintained

Low Budget Construction 

  • Cheap rod-and-curtain design
  • High volume booth companies may sell you a sparkling booth online but deliver a run-down booth at your event
  • Will a tacky photo booth compliment your elegent event?

Photobooth Attendant


  • Experienced, trained, smiling booth technician dedicated to assuring a great photo booth experience for your guests.
  • Technician adjusts framing with each guest for best shot possible
  • Our Technicians are capable of fixing any technical problem during your rental


Self Service

  • Some booth companies hire low-pay help who appear disinterested during your event 
  • Guests are on their own to seat and frame themselves.
  • Technical problems may require shutting down booth and/or a desperate call to the owner

Print Quality

Dye Sub Printer

  • Smear-proof
  • Archival quality prints
  • 8 second print time 

Inkjet Printer

  • Can smear
  • Photos can fade with time
  • 20 second print time