Why our Vintage Photo Booth
is the PERFECT booth for your Wedding Reception

One of the reasons I built my own photo booths several years ago is because I noticed that most booths rented for wedding receptions were typically undersized for the number of guests entering the booth.  You will want to enjoy the booth together with all your bridesmaids and groomsmen, you work associates, and your family.  So we designed our booths to handle 6-10 guests comfortably, most booths max out at 2-3 guests. Since wedding receptions are also VERY noisy, we also added an audio prompt to help lead each guest through the photo session.  Our handcrafted hardwood Vintage booths are also a beautiful accent to your reception, rather than an eyesore budget 'booth' you may want to hide in a corner.  Finally, our booth operator helps seat the guests and custom frames each photo for the perfect shot- our booths one of the ONLY full service booths in Norther California:)

My passion is in creating beautiful wedding cinematography.  The photo booth has been a wonderful compliment to my work.  Since our booth laptops capture a high-res image from each booth photo, we can use the best shots of your guests in the booth as part of the wedding video!  Here is a great example:



Purchase your wedding videography through Jensen Films and get $200 off of your Vintage Photo Booth rental.  Please email or call me at (916) 334-9999 to discuss your wedding.  Visit us at jensenfilms.com

-and best wishes for your wedding,

Mike Jensen, Owner 
                                                                                 Jensen Wedding Films & Photo Booth